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Why use ScholarTribe?

We source freelance projects

It’s hard to source freelance projects when you’ve got ninety-nine other things to do. We take this off your plate! No need to do the business hustle, just work on the project.

We provide valuable advice

Handling insurance, contracts and intellectual property in freelance projects can be a minefield. Take advantage of our experience and streamline the admin.

We’ll reward your efforts generously

Don’t forget that consulting projects are well paid, great for gaining experience, and enjoyable too! We just make them easier to find.

Our awesome features

What our academics say...

“Colleagues in ScholarTribe are extremely friendly and professional, and it is a great pleasure to work with them. The high standard service facilitates the knowledge sharing between different clients, which is highly recommended.


“It’s been a pleasure working as a consultant for ScholarTribe. The project that I worked on was really interesting, relevant to my research, and well paid for a PhD student with my experience.”


“To be honest, my main worry was that of time commitment. Hamish, Dan, and the ScholarTribe team have been really considerate about the balance between my research and my project work.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Our definition of an academic is anyone that is currently working on their PhD or above. As such, we accept PhD students, Postdocs, and Professors. Each academic rank provides academic consultants with different levels of experience and skill set. We would also accept those with an equivalent amount of professional research experience, who are now working with a university.

No, all work is digital / remote.

No, we’re proud to work with a variety of academics from around the world.

Yes, absolutely! Projects are charged on an hourly rate. The rate depends on the project and your knowledge / experience.

Time commitments vary, but they range from 1 hour video consultations to 10 hours per week on longer projects. We appreciate that your research commitments also vary, and take this into consideration for each project.

As ScholarTribe focuses on climate related problems for clients, it’s important for there to be a climate or sustainability angle to your work. Apart from that, we’re proud to work with a variety of academics from a variety of fields, from biochem to social sciences.

This depends on the project, which will be discussed with you and the client before the project starts.

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