Hire An Academic For Technical Due Diligence

How it works

Post details of your DD project

The DD project will be posted to ScholarTribe’s project board and shared with our academic community. We’ll also reach out directly to experts in our wider network.

Connect with academics

As academics apply for your DD project, we will ensure that they are suitable, before introducing them to you. You will receive their professional and academic background as well as their contact details.

Work on the DD project

Once you have been introduced to an academic(s) you like, you are free to start working together on the DD project whenever and however you like! We are on hand to help with project scoping, contracts and payment.

Due diligence case studies

ScholarTribe academics have helped leading investors on a wide range of DD projects.

EV batteries

A cleantech venture capital (VC) investor wanted to connect with a hyper-specialist academic to understand the science behind EV batteries to contribute to their pre-investment due diligence. ScholarTribe connected the VC with a hyper-specialist Postdoc at Oxford University. The Postdoc produced a 10-page report, including a summary on the industry, research trends, as well as answering specific questions given by the VC. The report was accompanied by a 1-to-1 video consultation with the Postdoc to explain the key takeaways and answer further questions.

Carbon capture and storage

A London-based VC wanted to connect with an academic for technical due diligence in a particular carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. Within one week of the project posting, the VC was connected with a Professor from the University of Calgary and thought leader in the space for a 2-hour video consultation. The Professor had both industry and research experience with the technology, and as the client says “the call was invaluable for us to understand the less obvious but important aspects of the technology and its feasibility”.

Quantum computing

A pan-European climate tech VC wanted to better understand potential use cases of quantum computing for climate modelling. ScholarTribe connected the VC with a PhD researcher from the University of Texas who, in the last 6 months, had published a research paper on that very topic. Within one week, we were able to set up a 2-hour video consultation between the VC and the PhD researcher. They discussed the current state of the scientific literature, then talked about possible research directions that seemed likely in the future. The VC was able to share key questions in advance of the call, which then served as a springboard for the rest of the consultation.

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