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Case study 2 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A personal care brand wanted to conduct an LCA on their flagship product to understand the product’s carbon footprint hotspots, and advise on the actionable changes they could make to the product and packaging.

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1. We connected the client with a Bath University (UK) PhD student, specialising in LCA, with a background in  chemistry and with industry consulting experience.

2. The academic conducted an LCA on the product, focusing on the carbon footprint and with a cradle-to-grave  scope. Observations were made on how different chemical formulations or packaging choices would have  impacted the carbon footprint.

3. The LCA was delivered in a digestible 10-page report within 8 weeks, accompanied by a video call presenting  the report to the client. 


・Having identified a disposable component of their packaging as a key carbon hotspot, the client was able to  replace this with a reusable alternative.

・Certain chemicals in the lotion were also identified as carbon-intensive, for which the client is aware and  actively seeking alternative suppliers. 

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