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While companies struggle to keep up with a changing world amid a climate crisis, academics have a wealth of under-utilised knowledge. Whether working with consumer brands to measure their carbon footprint, or investors to make more effective cleantech investments, climate academics are great partners for companies looking to gain a competitive edge and make research-based positive change.

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Carbon footprinting services Energy Mobility Materials Land use and food Climate Science Industrial processes
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Carbon footprinting services Energy Mobility Materials Land use and food Climate Science Industrial processes
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ScholarTribe academics have helped leading brands and investors on a wide range of projects.

Technical due diligence for VC

A cleantech venture capital (VC) investor wanted to connect with a hyper-specialist academic to understand the science behind EV batteries to contribute to their pre-investment due diligence. ScholarTribe connected the VC with a hyper-specialist Postdoc at Oxford University. The Postdoc produced a 10-page report, including a summary on the industry, research trends, as well as answering specific questions given by the VC. The report was accompanied by a 1-to-1 video consultation with the Postdoc to explain the key takeaways and answer further questions.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

A skincare brand wanted to conduct an LCA on their flagship product to understand the product’s carbon footprint’s hotspots, and advise on the actionable changes they could make to the product and packaging. ScholarTribe connected the client with a Bath University (UK) PhD student, specialising in LCA, with a background in chemistry and with industry consulting experience. The academic conducted an LCA on the product, focusing on the carbon footprint and with a cradle-to-grave scope. Observations were made on how different chemical formulations or packaging choices would have impacted the carbon footprint. The LCA was delivered in a digestible 10-page report within 8 weeks, accompanied by a video call presenting the report to the client.

Video consultation

A fashion brand wanted to discuss the feasibility of a potential product innovation with a sustainable materials academic. ScholarTribe connected the brand with a PhD researcher from Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) who specialises in the material innovation in question, and has 5+ years of industry consulting experience. The academic did 3 hours of consulting work for the brand, consisting of 1 hour of desk research and 2 hours of video consultation.

Impact assessment model

A vertical farming company was developing its own in-house impact assessment model for GHGs, and wished to explore different methodologies for doing so. ScholarTribe connected the company with two PhD students, who were each commissioned to produce low-resolution, spreadsheet based models of greenhouse gas impacts. These were created by the academics during 12 hours of part-time work spread over two weeks. The client heavily involved themselves in the creation of these two models, and they have gained key insights into the considerations that they will need to make when they produce their own, in-house model.

Full-time position

An AI-based forestry company approached us to help with a key hire of a full-time geospatial data scientist. This position involved synthesising large amounts of satellite and climate data, and therefore required experience in python or R, and specifically in multi-dimensional data analysis. Machine learning experience was not a prerequisite for the position, but was appreciated. It was important that a candidate for the position was well versed in the literature for biomass estimation and carbon accounting, which is why an academic background was such a boon. ScholarTribe reached out to a number of PhD students who were finishing their degrees, and ultimately connected the client with an excellent candidate for the position from the University of Leeds.

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