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While companies struggle to keep up with a changing world amid a climate crisis, academics have a wealth of underutilised knowledge. Whether working with consumer brands to measure their carbon footprint, or investors to make more effective cleantech investments, climate academics are great partners for companies looking to gain a competitive edge and make research-based positive change.

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Work with world-class academics at the forefront of climate research. Our vetted marketplace seamlessly connects you to academics producing leading research.


With access to ScholarTribe’s rapidly expanding network of leading academics, you can avoid expensive outsourcing to slow-moving traditional consultants.


We structure projects flexibly around your needs. Working with academics on a freelance basis, you don’t need to commit to drawn-out contracts.

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Video consultations

ScholarTribe connects you with an academic for a video consultation. These can either be 1-on-1 or with a larger group in the form of a seminar.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) / carbon footprinting

Work with an academic to calculate a carbon footprint, or do a life cycle assessment (LCA), offering an in-depth assessment of the environmental impact(s) of a product, process or service.

Technical due diligence for investors

ScholarTribe connects investors with hyper-specialised academics to provide technical insight during the due diligence process.

Written deliverables

ScholarTribe’s academics can produce written deliverables. This could be literature reviews, written memos (e.g. pre-investment due diligence), articles or reports.

Team integrations

ScholarTribe allows clients to hire academics for longer-term projects: full-time, part-time, or on a retainer basis.

Other climate consulting

If your project doesn’t fit into one of these categories, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Please discuss your project with one of our team.

Our climate areas

ScholarTribe's academic community covers comprehensive climate areas. We are confident we can find the right academic for your project.

Carbon Footprinting

Life Cycle Analysis Circular Economy Carbon Accounting Climate Economics Climate change reporting Carbon offsetting


Transport infrastructure Public transport Aviation Electric Vehicles


Energy (general) Renewable energy Heat pumps Hydrogen Nuclear power Batteries

Land use and food

Land use Forestry Agriculture Urban infrastructure Food Alternative protein


Biomass materials Biofabrics Biofuels Bioplastics Packaging Recycling or upcycling


Climate science (general) Hydrology Extreme event attribution Predictability Climate change resilience Meteorology Industrial processes (general) GHG removal Materials and mining Concrete Flood defences Water Treatment

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Check out our featured academics:

Luciana dos Santos Duarte
Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands

Luciana is a PhD researcher in production engineering and development studies, as well as a lecturer in industrial design engineering. Her research focuses on the global value chain of fashion.

Shobhan Dhir
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Shobhan is a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford. His research is on sustainable battery chemistries for grid-scale energy storage.

Antoine Koen
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Antoine works on Pumped Thermal Energy Storage, a relatively recent class of technologies which store electricity as heat on a large scale.

Joris Šimaitis
University of Bath, United Kingdom

Joris is a PhD researcher at the University of Bath. His research focuses on life cycle assessment methods for predicting the long-term environmental impacts of electric vehicles.

Milan Kloewer
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Milan is a climate scientist at the University of Oxford, with research interests including climate computing, information theory, predictability, climate change, and aviation.

Andrea Paulillo
University College London, United Kingdom

Andrea is a senior research fellow in the Life Cycle Assessment and Fluidization research group in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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